Big Farm

Big Farm

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Big Farm


Big Farm
Big Farm
Big Farm

Big Farm

Compete with your friends and other players to have the best farm in the world. Begins to grow crops, raise animals. Build houses for living and other buildings to make products. Sell ​​and buy products to thrive. Hire employees to help you and communicate with your friends to create cooperatives and thus grow much more and better. Visit the farms of your friends to see if they are doing better than you.
You can create your own cooperative and call more friends to become part of it, or just join other existing cooperatives. Teamwork is the key to success. Work your farm daily to manage to have the best and most productive of all your neighbors. Buy and sell products, build new buildings, stores, products and keep your employees happy so that production is the most optimal.

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Big farm simulation game

In the online game, Goodgame Big Farm, will be the master of your own farm. Your job in this simulation game will take care of everything that happens in your broad area, and to help you get started, have the help of the beautiful Tessa, who will be guiding you through your first steps.
The best way to start is to run your farm land to plant construction, as well as homes for the workers, for it will have all kinds of plants and vegetables to grow. Once your crops are ready, you can sell and increase your income, so you can go to expand your farm and buy better houses, a large store, a chicken coop and decorative objects, such as a fountain or a small pond with ducks .

Once you have animals on your big farm, you must take care of them and feed them, obviously it will be easier if you produce your own food, and with the help of the mill plants can transform some delicious dishes for your animals.
Having animals on your farm will produce large amounts of natural fertilizer, which will serve as a perfect way to use as fertilizer on your crops and your plants will grow so much healthier.
Definitely this will become a more difficult as your farm is enlarged, so you'll have to hire assistants continuously without neglecting your budget, always checking that your income will also reach to pay the salary of your employees.

To make the job much easier, you can always team up with different farmers Goodgame Big Farm, and make powerful alliances that will give them great advantages in the game.
If what you like is the competition, you can also challenge other players and see who gets the highest number of crops in a limited time.
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Big Farm
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